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May 2022

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Happy Star Wars Day!!

May 4, Star Wars Day, – has become an official holiday. Sure, it may not be recognized on “official” calendars, but by the number of viewing parties, costume contests, and light saber battles in neighborhood parks, I would argue that it is more of an official holiday than many others. Do you see a lot of people having flag viewing parties on Flag Day?

“Come on over to my place. I am going to have the flags of Argentina and Botswana on display. It’s going to be epic.” – Said no one ever

Star Wars Day is also unique in that it is new. We are seeing it emerge as a cultural phenomenon. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, even April Fool’s Day were all well established in our culture long before any of us were born. This holiday is our tradition. We, the movie goers who actually saw the first run of Star Wars in the theater (I saw it five times in 1977), get to establish what this holiday is and what it will become.

So to that end, we at EX Squared wanted to celebrate Star Wars Day. Originally, we wanted to share a step-by-step guide of how you can build your very own hyperdrive and hit light speed, but apparently the government frowns on encouraging people to secure their own supply of uranium. As a backup we decided to talk about what we can learn about design and technology from the franchise.



Think Like a Jedi


Technology for Humans


George Lucas


The Other Side of Midnight


Death Stars, Design, & the Force



“Your focus determines your reality.”

— Qui Gon Jinn



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