How Can You Incorporate AR into Your Business?

Did you know you can now place your products in the hands of potential customers using augmented reality technology?


May 2022

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Businesses are using technology to merge digital information into a physical environment in the form of images, audio, web content, animations, and more. Augmented reality (AR) is a computer-generated layer over what we see in the real world that can only be viewed through a webcam-equipped computer, smartphone, or tablet with a camera.

What Is The Benefit Of Using Augmented Reality In Business?

Augmented reality is redefining the concept in commercial areas because it has enormous potential for your business. This shift happened a few years ago, especially in the home building industry, and it is likely to expand throughout the digital world with even greater force. 

Today, AR is an innovative marketing and sales technique that improves engagement and activity in the buying process, which can result in an increase in shopping time, higher conversion rates, brand awareness, and trust. 

AR blends data from one actual or realistic environment with data from another made with digital tools and technology. So, you can now give potential buyers the opportunity to visualize your product in their own, real environment. Whether it’s deciding on a piece of furniture that would suit their living room space or trying on a pair of shoes, this method creates a stronger psychological and emotional connection for the customer, which can help to bridge the gap between just considering to fully committing. 

There are various industries that can use AR to their advantage. Here’s a few of those fields along with ways it is implemented in business today:

How Can You Incorporate AR In Various Niches?

Real Estate

Buying a home can be a stressful process – touring multiple homes, communicating with realtors, and deciding to make an offer. Augmented reality in the construction or real estate industry has helped clients save some of that time and effort. Instead of physically visiting the site or a ready-to-move-in home, the customer can view the full house from afar with their phone or tablet camera.

Nothing beats a 360-degree view of your future home! Augmented reality provides users with very realistic experiences, ranging from 3D images to animated films. Builders and building developers mostly use this technique to attract the attention of potential purchasers.


Augmented reality services have worked wonders in the gaming and entertainment industries. Professional game developers and coders have created efficient software that allows them to produce fantastic games that have captivated the world.

The games produced with AR have had enormous success in terms of popularity and sales. Some of the most successful mobile application games include Pokemon Go, Ingress, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and Zombies, Run!…just to name a few. 

Users have the ability to become true, active participants in the game, giving them more control and a more realistic experience, due to the more lifelike appearance and feel.  Since smartphones are the leading product for users, AR games and apps are now compatible with both Android and iOS versions.

An interesting concept that has recently been experimented with is integrating AR features alongside television. With TV already presenting a virtual world, adding augmented reality would take it to an entirely different level of entertainment. 

BBC  debuted an AR application, Civilisations AR, that lets users view historical artifacts by holding up a tablet or mobile device to their television screen. Having to multitask might not be appealing, however, which could lead to a decline in television altogether. AR headsets may be more useful in the future of entertainment as technology continues to grow.  


Top AR firms have changed the way teaching and training will be conducted. Teachers can incorporate AR programs into their lessons and get students hands-o n with challenging subjects. They are able to see virtual objects or scientific criteria against a physical background. As a result, education has become more practical and enjoyable.

Travel + Hospitality

AR is a great approach to providing real-life experiences to visitors and travelers who are constantly looking for better options. Sure, you can pull up GPS on your phone anytime, but AR lets you take it one step further. 

Hotels can use augmented reality to provide more information about the amenities as visitors research for traveling. Travel firms and corporations have begun to use this technology to provide tourists with a virtual experience of visiting the area before deciding on a vacation package. Some apps even allow users to hold their phone up to a building and learn more about it, in real-time.


When it comes to the medical or healthcare profession, the expectations to treat a patient are pivotal. AR providers are making substantial contributions to this field:

  • Trainee surgeons can study their first surgery online using AR technology.
  •  Patients with specific phobias – like height, depth, stages, water, crowds, and so on – can be safely placed in a virtual environment while being treated. 
  • CTs or MRIs can be superimposed and projected during surgery, allowing doctors to precisely navigate an area they are treating.
  • Physical therapists can use technology to improve outcomes such as range of motion, strength, placement, and more. 


Before developing a strong framework, car or bike designers use virtual reality integrated with augmented reality. The designers can walk around the model or sit on it to get a sense of how it will work.

Similarly, before purchasing a car or a bike, the user can gain firsthand experience with the proposed model. Thanks to this tech, it’s now possible to simplify the features and benefits of a specific car.

How Are You Going To Use AR In Your Business?

Augmented reality is playing a critical role in revolutionizing business. With the tremendous growth of smartphone and tablet users, technology is set to change in a big way. 

Design agencies, much like Rocksauce Studios, can help you create quality applications for your businesses. Superfast bandwidth, strong apps, and superior software will undoubtedly make a difference in the many forms of augmented reality solutions, so having an agency that understands this can help advance your business forward. 

If you’re looking to launch your next big project, get in touch with EX Squared today to see how we can work together.

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